Our valued sponsors provide the Club with monetary, product and/or services investment.  Our Club and Teams would not exist without their generous support.

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Sydney Uni Women’s Water Polo Club (SUWWPC) has set up a Tour and Tournament Fund through the University of Sydney Sports Foundation (USSF) to raise funds to support our athletes through their participation in Tours and Tournaments. All monies contributed to this fund are tax deductible which  allows funds to be raised from family, friends and the broader community in a tax-efficient way.


We aim to raise sufficient monies in the fund to cover all future Tour and Tournament expenses.


Some important Facts:


  • The Women’s Water Polo Club will make a grant from gifts received towards the cost of the tournament.


  • If there is a shortfall in funds within the account to cover expenses we will need to request that the shortfall be met by the players selected for the tournaments.


  • Contributions to the Tour and Tournament account are Gifts so there can be NO refunds, under any circumstances, made from the monies contributed to the account.


  • Any surplus funds, after expenses have been paid for Tours and Tournaments, will remain in the account and will be used to fund future Tours and Tournaments.


Should you wish to make a donation towards the upcoming tournaments please find attached a donation form.