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Sydney University Water Polo are proud to have had 14 teams (Junior and Senior) over the 2 weekend event.

Shout to the following teams who won GOLD, M14 Pirates, L17 Blue, M17 Blue, Sydney Uni Baa Baas (Masters Men Divison) and L18 Blue (Women Open Division).

M14 Pirates won GF 20-7 vs fellow Sydney Uni club team the "Lions" Pirates player Sam Gardiner named MVP of Final

Congrats to coaches Lindsay, Troy, Amy, Louise and team

L17 Blue won GF 11-3 vs SNB Breakers Blue

L17 Blue player Sienna Green named MVP of Final

Congrats coach Jenny, Helen and team

M17 Blue won GF 8-3 vs Nordek

L17 Blue player Will Smith named MVP of Final

Congrats coach Dragan, Gareth and team

Master Team, Sydney Uni Baa Baas won GF 19-11 vs O&M

Congrats gents!

L18 Blue won GF 8-7 vs UNSW Wests Yellow

L18 Blue player Alexie Lambert named MVP of Final

Congrats coach Scott, Vanessa and team